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I just hired Mr. Brown, after having the experience of a big law firm. No hard feelings about the other law firm. But, Mr. Brown, is a Godsend help to my very complicated case. He is very honest, respectful, professional, extremely knowledgeable and he has a genuine care to help his clients solve their family issues once and for all. He really understands where you are coming from and his love to practice Law overcomes the dollar value. What an amazing lawyer. I am grateful.

Katia S

Stephen is an AMAZING family attorney. This is his passion and he is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I have had a lengthy court battle that resulted in a trial. If you want someone that has a strong moral work ethic, knows the law, someone that cares about your family as much as you do, and prepares you for a win this is your guy. He has been a God send. I have a very abusive and manipulative ex and Stephen took a huge burden off of my shoulders representing me. I can not thank him enough for the peace of mind he gave me. This is a very emotional process and he reassures me every step of the way.

Honest User

Steve is dedicated and he knows family law extremely well. His experience is invaluable. Very understanding, very easy to talk to, and a very nice guy. He did a great job for me, and I would give him the highest recommendation.

Eric J

Steve is a great lawyer very reasonable and also honest thanks for exceeding my expectations from start to finish!!

Ronald K